About Us

NVK LLC was founded in St. Petersburg as an auditing and consulting company. In present time the Group consists of three legal entities: NVK LLC, NVK-Consult LLC and Alliance LLC

NVK LLC is currently a member of the Self-Regulated auditors’ organisation The Russian union of Auditors.

Our company is a corporate member of the

Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia, and the IPA of the North-West since February 25th, 2004.

IPA of Russia is the only public professional organization in Russia being also a member of IFAC.

Professional risks related to the agreements on statutory audit performed by NVK LLC are insured by VSK Insurance Open-Joint Stock Company.

In present time we provide our services to more than 100 organizations, and individuals.

In order to provide comprehensive high-quality services, our group cooperates with qualified specialists of our partners’, whose area of expertise covers assessment services, insurance, recruitment, etc.

We are determined to provide our clients with professional services aimed to enhance efficiency and competitiveness of their businesses taking into consideration their particular features.

Our company is a constant participant of the events organized by Leningrad Chamber of Commerce, being the member of the latter, as well as of those of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, Russian and British Chamber of Commerce, the General Consulates of Finland and Lithuania, as well as other events allowing to develop our contacts worldwide.

The Group has also taken part in the project Gateway Office Partners, initiated by the External Communications Committee of St. Petersburg as a part of the EU programme “TASIS – Border Cooperation” in collaboration with the administration of Kotka-Hamina region in Finland.

Our services are used by the organizations of different areas, such as:

  • production;
  • construction;
  • technology and engineering;
  • IT;
  • retail and wholesale commerce;
  • health care and wellbeing;
  • housing services;
  • rental services;
  • leasing;
  • charity foundations, etc.

Our employees hold professional certificates proving their skills and experiences, obtained in such organizations as:

  • The Centre for Professional Education ATC (United Kingdom);
  • The Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Scotland (Edinburgh);
  • The Centre for Professional Education by Earnst and Young (St. Petersburg);
  • The Centre for Professional Education of the International Association of BOOK-KEEPERS (St. Petersburg);
  • The Educational and Methodical Centre of St. Petersburg State University;
  • The Educational and Methodical Centre of St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance;
  • The Tax Attorney School at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

Our company has successfully undergone a voluntary examination of quality, organised by the Professional Institute of Accountants and Auditors of Russia.

During 2015, our Company has successfully undergone a statutory examination of quality performed by Federal service of financial and budgeting prudence and by Russian collegium of auditors.